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I got to see My great Niece

It is Cinco De Mayo today and I should be interested but I am not. I am more interested in the fact I was able to see my Great Niece Sophie who is celebrating her birthday. Her mother sent me a text shortly after i was texting with her grandma and invited me. So as soon I finished with Bingo I…

So much going on

I have been putting off writing because I haven’t written all week. THe other reason is by the time get home or have any time to myself i don’t have a lot of time to write or I got tired and head to bed. Easter was great for me personally..I ended up having dinner with my sister and her family…

Moved Slowly-Again

I was planning on going for a walk this morning but decided to sleep in a little. Until 6 which had my babies in slight uproar. We did our routine and I laid on the couch for bit. I did get the laundry moved again. The dining room is getting back to what it should look like. But we all know that…

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