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The Warlord King (work safe voltron pic)

I can't believe I managed to shade so much of her outfit. @_@ Anyway! I wanted to see Lotor as a kind of barbarian king, a Drule warlord! He's got braids too! XD and wearing a fur cape. I'm imagining Allura as this dark warlord's one bit of light in his life.

Lotor's more than ready! (Not safe for work pic)

Finished ths like three days ago, but only getting round to posting it now. I imagine it's their wedding night, and he's impatient for her to finish with her nightly prep....subtle isn't he!? XD Absolutely not safe for work!

Bathing Temptations (Just barely safe for work Voltron art!)

I was looking through my pic pile of incomplete arts, and realized, that for the Voltron side of it at least, I have quite a few nice looking ones I'd like to finish. Plus there's the benefit of the being easier to color, as usually the clothing (if there was any!) wasn't as complexed and…

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