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His email: we caught the hours yesterday and both really liked it. E expected to hate it from the first preview she ever saw of it. but she was dropping tears at the end. some powerful emotions at times. prepare yourself. E has a strong dislike for virginia wolf though. she hasn't read much by…


Re-reading Bloomsbury at Home: Monk's House, Virginia's last home: "...no bath, no running water, no gas and no electricity. To reach the earth privy involved a trek through the garden. The rooms were small, often dark and so intensely cold in the winter that Morgan Forster once set light to his…

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"Vita was good for Virginia in a number of ways. Perhaps most importantly she introduced her to sexual passion and overturned the belief that Virginia had always held, and that Leonard had reinforced in his novel The Wise Virgins, that she was frigid. Vita heaped praise on Virginia, emphasized her…

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