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As much as I love the way they look, I don’t have the right shape of face to wear a flapper cloche like Miss Fisher. My hairline is low, so they end up sitting too far down on my face. The bubble cloches of the 60s are a different matter, altogether.…

Bringing back the dead

Dear diary. I am SO psyched about finding all these pictures, I had never ever ever seen before, of grandparents and great grandparents both from mother's and father's side. Here is my father's father Themistoklis, who died way too young in 1945 of tuberculosis, as his brother Aristides and…

SAAB 96 v4

So my sister found a picture of me on my uncle's vespa from sometime in the end of the 70s What is interesting in this picture though, is that I had never seen it whole, I've only seen it cut, so my father's SAAB was not it the picture. This is the only picture of my…

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