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A Rambly Review of Axiom Verge 2

When I first heard the announcement for Axiom Verge 2 in December 2019, I was hyped beyond belief. I wanted to own it on Steam, as I had the first game on Steam, but I bought it on Switch on Day 1. I hate Epic and I don't own a PS4 or PS5. I also wanted to 100% it myself without a guide (managed…

The 25th California Extreme, 2021

This weekend is the 25th California Extreme, celebrating the quarter centennial anniversary. Last year, CAX was an online event only due to the pandemic. It's back as a physical event this year but with COVID restrictions such as proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test required for entry.…

now to wait for the final chapter

Chapter 4 of The Long Dark was fairly decent- even if it felt short. Granted I played through the entire episode in one day. otoh I was hoping that Hinterland had included Blackrock Penitentiary as an new area to explore in the 'Survivor' version of the game because I'd really like to explore the…

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