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Linus' Weapon Clone Avatar Package

I didn't catch this before the update: https://www.dfoneople.com/news/sales/1466/Linus-Weapon-Clone-Avatar-Package I am curious where each weap avatar came from. I recognize the black rose for D.Lancer and baseball bat for Agent from their character events (I have both). Every character has a red…

used "books"

I went to a used bookstore in midtown, that had a whole floor of manga. They also have cds (not anime or game), dvds/blu-rays, consoles and games, laptops, and figurines including amiibo. They didn't have the Tokyo Babylon or Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow volumes I am missing. Or Angelic…

Got some used games at GameStop. The company is in trouble and 200 store locations are supposed to be closed down nationwide. got Mega Man Legacy Collection 1&2 for the Switch (used). got Mega Man ZX Collection for the Switch (used). got Dark Rose Valkyrie for the PS4 (used). got…

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