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Vid Show Deadline Approacheth!

The Escapade vid show would love to show your premiering or 2018 vids! Each individual vidder may submit up to three vids on which they have participated, whether solo or as part of a group. Vids premiering at Escapade will take precedence over vids that have shown at other cons or been posted…

New Vid: "NO"--John Wick films

Whew, it's been a minute, huh? I can't believe my last vid was in 2015. Title: NO Song Artist: Meghan Trainor Fandom: John Wick 1 and 2 Character: John Wick Length: 03:36 Warnings: Lots of violence and gore. However, no animal harm is depicted or implied. Vid Summary: No means no. NO,…

New vid - Justin/Brian - Come On Get Higher

Here's another new one, for you faithful QaF fans. Come On Get Higher Justin wants Brian. This will involve faith, desire and love. All seasons, mostly 2-5 Song by Matt Nathanson Vidder: Wendy This is not the vid I was planning to make next, at all. I heard this song so many times and dismissed…

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