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YouTube Vid Blocking

anonymous asked: What's happened to all the power ranger fanvids on youtube? A lot of them now show blocked for copyright by Hasbro??? Did I miss the tea? Huh. Saban Brands had previously blocked a good chunk of my vids in Asian territories (but was random about which ones these…

Signal Boost: Vidding Chatter

[Unknown LJ tag] posted: Vidding Chatter How're your vids going? What was your vidding gateway? I'd love to hear people's thoughts on how they use bridges/instrumental sections in songs. [A Dreamwidth post with comments | Post or read on Dreamwidth| How to use…

Signal Boost: Vid Rec Gathering - Monsters

walkthegale posted: Vid Rec Gathering - Monsters Hello friends! As pretty much always at this time of year, I am looking for vid recs! I'll be VJing at vidshow at this year's vidukon_cardiff and my theme is Monsters.</user> [A Dreamwidth post with comments | Post or read…

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