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New Brian/Justin video (yes, NEW.)

So, YouTube decided to die today, which is kind of annoying but oh well, I'm sure they will fix it! Anyway, a few days ago I posted something new (yes, 2018 new) on AO3. Then I realized I should maybe post it here too, since this has historically been the center of my fandom universe. So, here is…

Kiscon Vid Shows

I am looking for copies of the vid shows from Kiscon 2001 Kisocn 2004 Kiscon 2008 Kiscon 2010 Kiscon 2012 Kiscon 2017 I am also looking for basic info (playlists etc) for the Kiscon vid shows Kiscon 2001 Kiscon 2004 Kiscon 2008 Kiscon 2017

Dear Equinox Vidder,

HELLO AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME A VIDEO! I love all vids! I'll be happy with whatever video you will make for any of my requests and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun. :) Here you can find my random thoughts regarding the subject. Feel free to ignore them completely, especially…

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