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i am jack's complete lack of surprise.

So, last night was pretty nice. My parents actually didn't tear me to pieces when I got home later than I said I would, and my dad actually didn't totally flip when I told him who I was out with. He has this thing against me going out with guys that I did not meet in an educational institution -…

one out of many of the same.

This is just...genius.</p> "wana go movie" (And yes, that's an exact quote.) From this dude. Since when did 'movie' become an adjective? I must have been asleep when that earth-shattering change was made. This offended me so much that I actually bothered with a reply. Just in case the…

just say no.

This site is hilarious, especially this article and this article. A quote from the latter: Monkies evolved into humans. But Bush didn't care enough to evolve with them. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. (There's one about NUS too, but I'm too lazy to link to it.) ** I copped out of that modelling thing. I did…

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