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Marinated and grilled carrots make for a delicious sandwich! I like to use baby carrots but if you want a more "authentic" dog in a bun, good-sized whole carrots work too. 1 lb-bag Baby Carrots or several whole carrots (if the latter, you might want to cut off very thin ends for more even…

lemon poppyseed banana bread

PARTS 1 stick butter (+ 1/4t salt if this is unsalted) 1c sugar 1t vanilla 2 eggs 3 ripe bananas 2T poppyseeds 1-2 lemons (goal: 6T juice & zest of however many lemons it took to get there) 2c flour 1t baking soda oven @ 375℉ ARRANGEMENTS 1. cream butter and sugar. 2. mix in one at a time:…

24-hour veggie ramen, with the added cultural appropriation...

... of making your kitchen look like Hiroshima in the process. :P OK, bear with me. You will need time, ideally a weekend, before you can enjoy this: My recipe easily serves four to six people, but you are free to combine the ingredients in more than one setting. It just means that you will…

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