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Being Human vs Being Human

So I loved Being Human UK season 1. And then the US version started the next year, and it was the same plot line, so I didn't bother, and just kept watching Mitchell and George and Annie, but then season 2 got dark, and then season 3 was just dark, dark and more dark and ended horrifically. But…

I was typing this up on tumblr...

Ugh... I need to put dramas on my phone so I can run away to the bedroom when it gets all noisy in the house. Snuggle in bed with my booooooooooyz. Except for Laito, he no invited. There is what we call appropriate and what we call probable cause for smacking someone you don't know just because…

The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio.

So I’m listening to one of the podcasts from The Paracast and the author they have on, is talking about his series of vampire books. The Silently Series by Douglas Robinson. This is the first I’ve heard of this gentleman and I was wondering if anyone here has read his work? If so what do you think…

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