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The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio.

So I’m listening to one of the podcasts from The Paracast and the author they have on, is talking about his series of vampire books. The Silently Series by Douglas Robinson. This is the first I’ve heard of this gentleman and I was wondering if anyone here has read his work? If so what do you think…

Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles' Lands at Hulu

Meh about Hulu. Was hoping for Amazon or Netflix. But still. It's getting closer to being real. --- Bryan Fuller exited the drama six months ago, and a search for his replacement is underway. Two years after being put in development, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles TV series has found a home.…

Books, fanfic and Narrelle M Harris

Hi folks (if anyone is still out here). This is my first post in three years, as all my blogging, fic posting etc happens elsewhere these days! In the event that anyone is looking for me, I thought I'd put a few signposts here. Thanks for all your support for my writing over the years, old LJ…

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