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SPOT LIGHT (V6) Lyrics ENG Translation

Point point! So I had the chance to translate V6's song SPOT LIGHT for a music assignment I was doing and decided to upload it to LiveJournal in case someone ever wanted it! SPOT LIGHT is one of my favourite V6 songs, and I want to be appreciated in its full glory by more people!…

Happy Happy Birthday to Ken!

YAAAY! It’s Ken’s Birthday! the kawaii V6's member...Miyake Ken! <3 ... pure cuteness <3 お誕生日おめでとう!(^_-)☆ かわいいですね。 I love so much this guy <3 meu aniversario tambem é nesse mês, no dia 10... E eu ganhei cds do V6 de presente *-* as…

KEN☆Tackey - Gyakuten Lovers (Single)

Should have posted this months ago. I adore Ken and am a Tackey dabbler, I guess I'd say (like, I enjoy watching his stuff, and he is cute, and I own Tackey & Tsubasa CDs, but I don't feel I am a fan-fan). Miyake Ken has been in Tackey's stage show for a few years now and the two have released a…

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