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I Lost Myself to the Moonlight Glow 4/?

Title: I Lost Myself to the Moonlight Glow Pairing: Edward/Jacob (main), Edward/Bella (beginning), some Bella/Jacob & all other canon pairings Warnings: this will be slash people so if that does not float your boat don't read this. Rating: T Summary: Werewolves are vicious and insane.…

Fanfic: Exploit (Twilight/White Collar, Bella/Neal, M)

Title: Exploit Author: Buggy Fandom: Twilight/White Collar Pairing: Bella Swan/Neal Caffrey Summary: Paris was feeling a bit stale, who knew that one person could change your life so dramatically that even you wanted to change your ways? But how was he to know that Bella Cullen would change…


I should be writing my Twilight Big Bang but instead i am writing Tudor's Porn!! I think that i am having a crisis of confidence over writing something that isn't all porn.

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