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Fanfic: Exploit (Twilight/White Collar, Bella/Neal, M)

Title: Exploit Author: Buggy Fandom: Twilight/White Collar Pairing: Bella Swan/Neal Caffrey Summary: Paris was feeling a bit stale, who knew that one person could change your life so dramatically that even you wanted to change your ways? But how was he to know that Bella Cullen would change…


I should be writing my Twilight Big Bang but instead i am writing Tudor's Porn!! I think that i am having a crisis of confidence over writing something that isn't all porn.

I wanna do bad things with you

Title: I wanna do bad things with you. Fandom: Twilight Rating: NC17 Pairing/Main Character: Edward/Jacob Author: comet91 Summary: Jacob inturrupts Edward's nightside watch of Bella and fighting and sexing occurs! Feedback/Comments: Makes my heart happy!! Warnings!!: Ummm...hot…

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