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In Man's Search For Meaning, Frankl speaks of suffering; how it knows no limits, and how it helps us find purpose, helps us find meaning--and that striving to find meaning is our biggest motivator and driving force in life as humans. If he's right, and I think he could be, then yesterday serves as…

Friday: The Universe's Truce?

I needed today; a cool morning walk to work in my jacket, an easy and stress-free day at work (with pastries, a chai latte, and a colleague hunting me down to diagnose her plant issues), the promise of seeing Natalie and vacation time quickly approaching--I feel lighter, and I can't wait. I'm…

Text To M.M

When I woke up yesterday, I did what I do most days and headed into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Water into kettle. Plug into outlet. Spoon into (current) favourite mug. And I then my hand went out in reach of the canister housing the tea bags. As I tossed the bag into my mug, my eyes locked…

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