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Fictional Heroes You Forgot Were Amputees

Greetings, fellow humanoids! My brain seems to have let up on the sensory overloading, finally, and all my bouncing around fandoms as of late has Inspired™ me. I'm tempted to excitedly ramble aboit each character individually & play at casual literary paralleling but! Then I would forget my…

A Bit More On: The Sense Of "Sight"

Some senses are automatic and subconscious ("respiration/breathing"), other senses can be focused upon at will ("sound/hearing", "hunger"). Which senses are which, and how aware of them you can be, will be different for different people: this can be very obvious or surprisingly subtle. People who…

The Myth Of "Five Senses"

Greetings, fellow humanoids! Today I'll be breaking down the common misconception that "humans have five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing sound"! You, My Hypothetical Audience, sense the world around you in many other ways, some of which you might not realise you already knew about!…

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