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Dear diary. Quarantine times.

I have grown roots in the country with my Beelzie. In the forest. In the fields. In the backyard. I am not missing anyone or anything. No offence but I could live like this forever 😏 Having long phone conversations with my oldest best friend from Greece. (sometimes we talk 3 and 5 hours like in the…

May 7, moss for the little trees

I've planted a line of fir trees along the edge of the road. I've got a hose out there to water with. I've also put moss around the base of each of the trees. It's taken five bins of moss and I've still got a few more to do. Willem went for a walk to the overflow on the TriAqua…

Winterlandschaft Brocken

Winterlandschaft Brocken by gruenewiese on Flickr This entry was crossposted from https://arethinn.dreamwidth.org/2731530.html, where there are comments. Please visit that link to leave a comment. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can use your LiveJournal account with OpenID.

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