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heavenslight by MT-Photografien on DeviantArt This entry was crossposted from https://arethinn.dreamwidth.org/2683560.html, where there are comments. Please visit that link to leave a comment. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can use your LiveJournal account with OpenID.

Giant sequoia forest preserved in landmark conservation deal

In a deal to preserve some of the planet’s rarest and most massive living things, a Bay Area conservation group has signed an agreement to purchase the second-largest grove of giant sequoia trees left in private ownership in the world. Save the Redwoods League, based in San Francisco, will pay…

Tree identification (solved)

I joined this community years ago and forgot about it... imagine my surprise when searching LJ for communities to help me, not only was this comm still active, but my nav bar told me I was a member... ^^; Hello! There's a mysterious tree in my yard (that we never put there) and it's gotten out of…

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