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Я вам не скажу за весь Техас

Наконец-то случилось посетить Техас! Ранее я был только пролётом, а теперь сделал cultural learnings of Texas for make benefit of glorious nation of California и чудно провёл несколько дней в Хьюстоне и окрестностях. Изложу кратенько сделанные наблюдения. О погоде и природе Жарко (32+), влажно.…

England Trip, pt. II: London Calling

Right! Last time, I left off in Exeter college. There were still lots of other things to do in Oxford -- all the other Open Door colleges and the Botanical Gardens and the Witchcraft exhibition at the Ashmolean and the Pitts-Rivers Museum of Anthropology and, and, and -- but there was pressing…

Moar A++ Adulting

I had announced early in the year my intention to travel to Oxford and see the Tolkien exhibition, and we had agreed to attempt a family vacation in England because the kids are absorbing the BBC's children's programme and learning to speak actual English. But then with one thing and another, the…

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