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the briefest of updates

I'm sitting here in my fuzzy PJs with pandas on them because it's my day off and I'll completely fail at productivity if I want to. I did do laundry, tho, so there's that. Also I watched the entire first season of The Morning Show on Apple TV and I loved it. But the weekend has vanished, and the…

The rest of Colorado

On Saturday we went to the Monet exhibit at the Denver Art Museum..mom still wasn't feeling the greatest, but she went anyway. Denver (downtown at least) was not what I was expecting..there were so many homeless people! It was really sad to see that. Monet's paintings are nice, but there were so…

Colorado so far

Dec. 31: Mom and I boarded the plane to Anchorage at 5 something..even though the flight was less than an hour, I still felt gross. We had a few hours to kill in Anchorage, so we hung out at the lounge upstairs (mom and Dana both have slept there lol) and had dinner. Even though it was dark when we…

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