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Okinawa flashback...

After seven years of being away, I returned to Okinawa with my friend, Duke. It's only been a week but it was quite eventful. We got to go to three different beaches, ate lots of food, found some waterfalls and spent time with friends. It's amazing what has changed and what hasn't. Amongst all the…

The rest of the trip

On Monday, we said bye to grandma and then Cindy and Dean drove mom and I to a hotel near Kansas City Airport (they left the next day to go back to Santa Fe)..much faster without fog slowing us down haha, and I saw the Missouri River for the first time! (That I can remember, anyway. :P) It's the…

Rockin' with grandma!

The storm last night cooled down the temperature somewhat..it might have been too cold for other Kansans, but I thought it felt AWESOME haha. We went walking in the courtyard when we visited grandma, and found some rocking chairs to sit in lol Me, grandma, mom (yay 3 generations!!), Aunt Gina…

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