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Never thought I would say this..

I never thought I would say this..but in March I'm going to California with mom to watch one of my cousin Scott's volleyball games at UC Irvine! I NEVER thought in a million years I'd travel somewhere to watch a sport, but I guess I am now LOL. They'll be playing Hawaii, which is one of the best…

Back in Alaska

I'm back in Alaska! Check out this awesome sunset before leaving Tampa (sorry for the glare) SO pretty!! Nature is amazing <3 I hope grandpa isn't too lonely without us lol..he thanked me again for looking at old pics and stuff..I think he appreciated my interest in our family history. :) On…

Arrival in Florida and family pics

On Sunday night we got on the first flight to Seattle..I just wanted to sleep, but this baby in the row next to me wouldn't stop crying!! He eventually quieted down, but every time he woke up he started crying..ughh. The lady next to mom REEKED of smoke..she did have a cat though, which we got to…

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