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Dubai Jan 1

Jan 1 – Dubai – We drove around a bit in Dubai. Since it was Jan 1, the traffic was awful and everything was crowded. First we went through the Souk Al Bahar at the Dubai Mall – which was just a big opulent mall, it wasn’t that interesting. Then we lined up to go to the top…

Опять Камбрия

В эти выходные опять сбежали в Камбрию, потому что там тихо, спокойно, людей нет и открыты и пляжи и штатный парк Сан Симеон, где можно побродить. Прекрасно провели три дня. Людей стало значительно больше, чем месяц назад. Людям надоело сидеть дома и они начали вылезать на природу. Но в…

Dubai Dec 31

We spent a few days cruising then landed in Dubai. Dec 31 – Dubai – We visited the Miracle Garden in Al Barsha South. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. It wasn’t a botanical garden but a theme park where everything was covered in flowers, even a jet. It was quite pretty…

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