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Mad Flurry

Italian went well. We were working on ordering in a restaurant, which should be useful. Had a bite of lunch. My goofy cat Zara likes lemon pound cake. Mom wants to give her frequent flyer points to me, but I don't have the right credit card. But! She could buy me a ticket with her points. I'll…


Apparently my dad canceled his road trip due to COVID surges. (He hasn't had the vaccine.) I'm not sure where he was going to go, but New Mexico and Oklahoma were involved. Plus his computer crashed and had to be rebuilt. Zara: "Hi Mommy! I want ALL the foods!" She ate Mimi's left over food and…

1/2 Sick Day

Hmm. I might wind up priced out of Eugene as a potential retirement place, but I still want to check it out. I'd probably have to live in a condo. Salem is more affordable (and also closer to Portland for shopping, airport, etc.) And cool--there's a bus from Salem to the Oregon Coast. Not going to…

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