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Decepticons invaded the Earth!

I woke up last night about at the crack of dawn to an awful headache; I went to soak myself in a depression shower, and then I went back to bed, still dripping with lukewarm shower water. I had a dream where me and Bliss Cavendar (from the Shauna Cross book Roller Girl, now a major motion picture…

EOM Writing Stats - April 2020

End of Month Stats Average Words/Day: 1,309 Total Words/Month: 39,256 Fic Posted in AprilThanks to Prowl Week, April was busy! Rebooting Hope - What would have happened if the Deceticons awoke on Earth in 1984 but the Autobots didn't? The Tale of Adaptus - Day 25 of AU Yeah AUgust 2019.…

FIC: Setting the Stage (1/1)

Written for AU Yeah AUgust 2019 and Trope Bingo Round 14. Prompt: Fake Dating Title: Setting the Stage Fandom: Transformers Generation One, The Transformers (Cartoon Generation One) Character/Pair : Jazz/Prowl, Optimus Prime Words: 2,560 Rating: T Summary: An alien race called the…

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