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TCG Sales/Trades

Hello pkmncollectors! I used to sell/trade on here all the time a few years ago. I collect Erika and Sabrina merch, so I got back into TCG collecting when the recent sets with cards for them popped up...and due to recent events, I'm back here hoping to make some sales or at least trades. If I…

Forex Trading Secret

We here at Dynotrading supply the very best YouTube Forex Strategy Secrets. In Dynotrading we think Forex trading strategies is your holy grail for the contemporary day dealer . Have a look at this fast Forex plan movie within our Youtube channel. YOUTUBE FOREX STRATEGY SECRETS They risk 1 buck…

Metagross and Armaldo TFG

Hello again! Two great big grails: I’ve loved Armaldo since I was 12. I’d left Anorith in daycare, then before the league I took it out and was amazed! Another gen 3 classic, everyone loves Metagross. Thanks to aarux for selling these to me! Metagross was glued to a Croconaw base,…

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