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Post Vax

Two weeks post-vaccination, so I guess that means I'm now fully vaccinated. Nothing has changed for me though and I don't anticipate anything changing for a while because I'm not someone who is rushing to get back to "normal"...I actually think the "normal" a lot of people are rushing to get back…

Short week, long pandemic

Kayla turned 7 yesterday. I can't believe I've missed her last two birthdays because of a pandemic. I love that she can read most of my text messages now; there's still the odd word she'll say she doesn't know--yesterday, it was sweetie. At the end of our video call, she sent me a message that…


Our second storm of the week is rolling in as I write; the CN Tower is slowly being swallowed up by the winter fog--it's beautiful to watch, but makes me anxious because I know getting around tomorrow is going to be hard for me. I'm tired. Tired of trudging through the snow, tired of buildings and…

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