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Torchwood: Miracle Day

So, I got Torchwood: Miracle Day from the library. I was really excited for this because I love Torchwood (strange because I am not fond of Dr. Who). I got into the show when I saw Children of Earth and got seasons One and Two from the library. I even wrote a small fanfic. So I was…

DVDs and Uni

So I finished Season 5 of Criminal Minds. I have to say that alyssa22 was completely right. I am so totally shocked by that season. Definitely some of the best episodes ever. Though I am still not seeing any Hotch/Prentiss. I have started season 1 or Torchwood. I gotta say that…

Uni and Life

So...I now know that my African American Autobiography class is going to be like my Bible class. I don't mean in terms of intollerence. I mean in that my professor will not even listen. Today we were studying a text. She was talking about a certain text and was completely going out in left…

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