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"Remember to Forget"

"Remember to Forget" by Tiffany F PAIRING: Jack/Ianto RATING: NC-17 FANDOMS: Torchwood/Harry Potter WARNING: WiP SUMMARY: Jack takes Gwen to task over her taking Retcon from work for personal use, there's a fight and when Jack goes walking to calm down, he find something he never thought he would…

Torchwood dream

For some reason gwen had become the captain of a warship in a space fleet. Torchwood was working with the space fleet with jack. Gwen ordered the crew to fire on some alien ships that attacked the fleet. The lighting in the dream was all strangely red toned like a dream sequence in a tv series.…

Deviation from the plan (drabble)

Title: Deviation from the plan Fandom: Pride and Prejudice / Torchwood Author: unfeathered Character(s): The Bennet ladies, Captain Jack Harkness Rating: G Warnings: Only for Jack being Jack! Word Count: 100 Disclaimer: Not mine Summary: Things don't seem to be going quite as Mrs…

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