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tokyo babylon

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More chapters for "You Drive Me Crazy" 12 and 13

Fandom: Tokyo Babylon Title: You drive me crazy Pairing: Seishirou x Subaru Rating: PG-13 Description: Hokuto leaves for a trip for a week. So that Subaru won't be feeling lonely without her, she leaves him with Seishirou by having him move into their apartment for a week! And Seishirou…

Chapters 9 and 10 of Random Thoughts

Fandom: Tokyo Babylon Title: Random Thoughts Pairing: Seishirou + Subaru Rating: PG Description: These are the thoughts of Subaru throughout the Tokyo Babylon manga...Showing his gradual descent from innocence. (paired with/sequel is "Killing Me Softly") 9 –…

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