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Lost for words

Anyone who knows me, or has read my website or this journal, knows how much tiger survival means to me. So I run across this - realising it's not new news ... Link---> The Tiger Skin Trail on YouTube.com - depressing imagery so be warned I could spout a lot of bitter angry words but it's…


My, but that last post was really depressing ... "I have sworn a solemn oath that I will do everything I can to work toward the survival of the tiger sub-species that still exist today, this is my sacred duty for which failure is not an option, and that if needed I am prepared to make whatever…

Profoundly sad

"Man is modifying the world so fast and so drastically that most animals cannot adapt to the new conditions. In the Himalaya as everywhere there is a great dying, one infinately sadder than the Pliestocene extinctions, for man now has the knowledge and the need to save these remnants of his…

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