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Timon of Athens and fandom friends

I was supposed to see Timon of Athens in Stratford-upon-Avon a couple of weeks ago, but then TD said I could be more usefully employed by going to London with her. So I rearranged my trip. Which worked out really well, because debriswoman was going to see the same performance. Which…

Violet and the 10K run

Apologies for any confusion which might have been caused by yesterday's post - it was TD (The Daughter) who ran the 10K not her long-suffering mother (me!) TD had had a similar problem to me in finding something for us to go and see, and in the end chose Violet, which was one at the Charing…

Caroline, or Change plus the Science Museum

"I've signed up to do a 10K in London, Mum, and I thought we could meet up on the Saturday night and go to a show before I do the run on the Sunday." "But I'm .." "You can re-arrange that!" Which is how I came to be in London last weekend. TD came down on the…

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