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Joe and I enjoyed the touring production of Anastasia on Sunday. The cast was excellent, especially Kyla Stone as Anya. The story was better than in the movie---they eliminated the undead Rasputin villain and substituted a more complex villain, Gleb (Brandon Delgado) who was actually likable. The…

The Piano Lesson

Last night, Joe and I attended the final play in our Vokes subscription this year: August Wilson's The Piano Lesson. It was very good, of course, but very long---three hours plus intermission---so we didn't get home until almost midnight. The cast was amazing, especially the leads: Jerry…

Witch City Mystery books 1-4

I noticed that the first three Witch City Mysteries were available from BPL so I borrowed all three, figuring that I could (just barely) finish them within the two weeks until they had to be returned. These books filled in the background that I’d read in books 5-7, which was satisfying. And then…

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