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Deadwood is finally coming back from the dead!

Well look what's finally getting that follow up movie we were promised oh 12 years ago. When Deadwood ended in 2006 after a three year run, HBO execs suggested that the series could continue in a pair of HBO movies to wrap the story up. Well, nothing ever materialized, that is until the…

Doctor Who 11.04

Love! My favourite scene, surprisingly enough: + A gay woman and a woman of colour within the first two minutes of the episode. Gotta love this series. Although, let's pretend Frankie made it out alive, okay? I'm going with that. + I'm still not super into Graham. The tired trope of a…

The magic of 10/13

Happy X-Files day, and happy birthday to Fox Mulder. A phenomenon that only occurs once every 10,000 years: I actually remembered, in the morning, the fic idea I had when I was drifting off last night. Weird thing of the day: I thought I’d lost my earring. Turns out it was inside my ear. Not…

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