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the x-files

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FANDOM: The X-Files RATED: PG-13 WARNING: Adult themes SPOILERS: Duane Barry' and 'Emily' SUMMARY: Scully's musings on certain aspects of her life. DISCLAIMER: Nothing XF related belongs to me. All hail the almighty CC, I am but a meek servant girl who means you and your creations…

Gift fics

I'm the lucky recipient of three very, very lovely gift fics. - spn_j2_xmas: Several Fake Dates (And One Real One) by excoyote, Sam/Dean; this fic is everything my trans!Sam heart desires. ♥ - yuletide: Deviations: The End by anon, Deviations: The…

Deadwood is finally coming back from the dead!

Well look what's finally getting that follow up movie we were promised oh 12 years ago. When Deadwood ended in 2006 after a three year run, HBO execs suggested that the series could continue in a pair of HBO movies to wrap the story up. Well, nothing ever materialized, that is until the…

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