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the west wing

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The Man (1972)

From presenting past presidents on the screen to imaging fictional ones dealing with crises ranging from wars to alien invasions, The American presidency and film have often come together throughout the medium's history. They've offered windows into corridors of power and reflected moments…

The West Wing: Nostos

TITLE: Nostos SUMMARY: Penelope, Odysseus, Suitors and... mice? NOTE: Response to the Impervious Mouse challenge ("what happens if one of our West Wing characters finds a mouse in their house?") Borderline badfic. I sort of stomped all over Josh's areté here. This is not at…

The West Wing: Orison

TITLE: Orison RATED: G KEYWORDS: Missing scene/Post-ep. Vignette. EPISODE: 18th and Potomac DISCLAIMER: Josh. Donna. The West Wing. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. ======= ORISON ======= Toby's words replayed over in her head; horrible news stuck on repeat. She took what comfort she could in…

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