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the west wing

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The West Wing: Nostos

TITLE: Nostos SUMMARY: Penelope, Odysseus, Suitors and... mice? NOTE: Response to the Impervious Mouse challenge ("what happens if one of our West Wing characters finds a mouse in their house?") Borderline badfic. I sort of stomped all over Josh's areté here. This is not at…

The West Wing: Orison

TITLE: Orison RATED: G KEYWORDS: Missing scene/Post-ep. Vignette. EPISODE: 18th and Potomac DISCLAIMER: Josh. Donna. The West Wing. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. ======= ORISON ======= Toby's words replayed over in her head; horrible news stuck on repeat. She took what comfort she could in…

The West Wing: Just to Hold You

TITLE: Just to hold you RATED: PG-13 SUMMARY: "I'd be happy here, happy just to hold you." Follows on from A Little Further from Perfection. Title from the Brooke Fraser song 'Waste another day'. ========== JUST TO HOLD YOU ========== "Josh." She had breathed his…

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