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the sims 2

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The Kentwelp Legacy 6.1

Now Orville's in college, and like the Kentwelps before her she dorms in the farmhouse Orville's a Romance sim, with the LTW of woohooing 20 sims, so she gets to working on that After that, college is over! Off to the suburbs…

The Kentwelp Legacy 5.1

Jupiter & Calypso started college, dorming in this cozy little farmhouse soo yeah that was college :P just a graduation party then off to adulthood I chose Calypso as heir and built her a shiny new house Some bees happily…

The Kentwelp Legacy 4.1

Liora was picked as heir, and as is tradition she gets her own special suburban house Leita & Kamira came along too, enjoying the new refreshments Once again the matchmaker is trusted with picking a spouse, and Liora gets a date with Ariel Liora also gets a cat,…

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