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the sims

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July 2022 Favorites

I'm a bit late with this, but here are my July favorites! AI: Nirvana Initiative: The sequel to AI is out, and I've been watching my friend play it. We haven't finished it yet, but the game is shaping up to be another fascinating sci-fi mystery. Still recommend the first game. But this…

May 2022 Favorites

This month was a lot about learning to enjoy things again after that being close to impossible for a few months. Even writing! At least, a little bit. Here are my monthly favorites. Mario Kart/Party: I'm finally getting a bit better in MK online, and I'm building up my collection of gold…

Headmaster Scenario - Belladonna Hall

The final household to host the Headmaster was the children's home - Belladonna Hall. Right off the bat, it was off to a bad start with Carrie burning the salmon. Something Headmaster Shane didn't take too kindly to, "I'd think you would know how to cook better than this, raising all these…

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