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1. At what age did you start to get serious about writing? I’m not sure what I would say “serious” means to me. For years, I was very serious about writing fanfiction. But probably what most people would consider “getting serious”, was when I started writing Dreaming…

Video Game Meme

Stolen from Tumblr, because I never get to talk about video games here anymore. Video games have influenced my writing so much, and I want them to be recognized as a total valid way to tell a story. Novels are not inherently better than any other art form. Every medium has it's own magic.…

Computer Virus

The last three days have been absolutely exhausting. I got a computer virus late Saturday night... and it was the worst I've ever had. After trying everything I could possibly think of, I finally just did a full system reformat. Which basically means it's back to the way it was when you first get…

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