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the simpsons

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Why Krusty Hates Barbara

(Okay, so I'm kinda sorta jumping back into The Simpsons fandom again. But until I feel safe posting things to tumblr again, I'll just post my little oneshots here. :) Behold, the return of The Simpsons angst!) ... At first, Krusty didn't mind Sideshow Mel's wife. She was mostly…

Sherri and Terri – Thirst

It was shortly before class that Bart sped across the hallway on his skateboard. He was stopped abruptly, and front-flipped off the skateboard, landing on his backside. Bart turned around. Two identical faces smiled at him, a hidden mischief in their eyes. Bart got up, gathered up his skateboard,…

We'll be the envy of Shelbyville.

There is a new Homer Simpson mural very near our house, up along the By Gully bike path. As you might guess, the Yellow Ones are celebrities hereabouts.

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