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We'll be the envy of Shelbyville.

There is a new Homer Simpson mural very near our house, up along the By Gully bike path. As you might guess, the Yellow Ones are celebrities hereabouts.

Lisa’s Scary Sleepover!

Original Request: Lisa anon: I have another idea to give you to write a mini fanfiction story. Lisa invites her five best friends and Tiffany (Popular Girl 2) to her house for a sleepover. ... Tiffany had medium length straight red hair, big, oval shaped eyes, and a beautiful smile. She was known…

not funny.... well, maybe a little.

The chef called me yesterday to ask about a reservation that had been left on the book for last night: a party of 10 at 19:30. There was no callback phone number, no initials of the person who took the reservation, and the name was in a tiny, crabbed, unintelligible script. I told him I didn't know…

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