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Omg Omg Eeeeeeee!!

Mickey Dolenz shared a photo recently... OMG he's totally sitting in Sheldon's spot!!! He said on Twitter that he was just there to watch the taping. No mention of any appearance on the final bit of the Big Bang Theory was mentioned at all. *roo*. There's a pic of him with Mayim…

Down The YouTube Rabbit Hole

Now I am off to find other entertainments. Like the video below, where Micky Dolenz sings a musical tribute (sung to the tune of Last Train To Clarksville) for the last ever Seinfeld episode (starts at the 0:36 mark. I don't know why the video embed gives a time option if it doesn't honor…

Curiosity Answers - #7

Answering questions from the comments of this post — Curiosity Killed the Cat, But Satisfaction Brought him Back. Who's your favorite Monkee? That is a toughie. Growing up Peter was my favorite character. I liked his sweetness and innocent ways. Right now I'd say I lean towards Mike's 'aw…

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