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the mentalist

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Heard About Pluto. That's Messed Up, Right?

More Psych! I've just finished the first season. I feel a disproportionate number of the women Shawn or Gus are interested in end up being involved in murders, although I suppose between them they manage to be interested in just about every woman in this show. I was really hoping that the…

Act Natural.

A long time ago, I posted here to say 'should I watch The Mentalist?' and half the comments said 'NO, WATCH PSYCH INSTEAD' and I went 'screw you, I'm watching The Mentalist.' One might wonder why I bothered asking the opinion of my flist if I was just going to ignore it. I don't regret my…

I'm Always Coming Out Of Someone's Television Emotionally.

drawsaurus tagged me on Tumblr for a meme: List your Top 5 Canon and Top 5 Non-Canon OTPs. As the below was originally written for an audience that doesn’t read my Dreamwidth, it might occasionally restate things I’ve said in previous entries. This is tough, actually! I ship pretty much…

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