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The fics January 2018 The Princess and the Dragons of Many Hues Original/Fairy Tale. PG. Gen. 1,505 words. Summary: In a world where there are dragons of many hues, it took this princess to approach them. February 2018 The Way to a Witch’s Heart HP. Universal. Ginny/Neville. 169 words.…

Show Me How To Lie.

At the time, the end of the third season of The Mentalist was by far the coolest moment I've ever seen in television. I'm still a little sad that it retroactively became less cool. Wainwright never really made an impression on me when I first watched The Mentalist; I thought he was dull. On this…

But There's Tacos There.

Oh, hey, The Mentalist now qualifies as one of my major fandoms by my 'at least ten thousand words across at least three fics' rule! I suppose I should give it a 'my fandom history' writeup. The Mentalist I got into The Mentalist at the age of twenty-one, as a direct result of being into…

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