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the hobbit

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Portrait drawings part 1: The Aidaning

I mentioned earlier that I got back into drawing finally, and that one of the main reasons is my obsession with Aidan Turner's face. So I uh... might have drawn him a few times (and still have a few pictures I wanna draw). >__> I'm okay with giving in to my obsession though, because his face…

with friends like these

Title: With Friends Like These Pairings: None Warnings: Minor violence Word Count: 3714 Disclaimer: If I owned the hobbit it would be even twistier. Summary: The dwarves of Thorin's company are the most loyal people Bilbo has ever known. It's simply obvious. "Don't eat the…

Sometimes, an adaptation wins your heart over the book.

Taken from the Crunchy Questions Meme: We all know that the source material is often regarded as better than adaptations, however what is an adaptation that you think is better than its source material? A lot of the time whenever there is a book-to-movie adaptation, unless I've read the source…

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