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Open letter to Robert Smith: Love you, love you, love you and thank you for so much. For practically everything. For being my inspiration and strength, my truth, my blanket-fort, my reason to believe that wishes can come true. For your incredible art - and countless memories both caused by and…

Snowflake Challenge 2020 - Day 9 and 10

Challenge #9 In your own space, promote at least one canon that you adore (old, new, forever fandom). Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so. I may not be active in the Harry Potter fandom any more, but I still like that…

Simon's hair... and happy Easter!

If the rumors had been true, I'd be now happily preparing myself to see a CURE concert in about two weeks. Well, they were just rumors, and while Iron Maiden played a fantastic gig in Porto Alegre, The Cure are, again, NOT coming to South America. *sigh* Anyway, although I don't follow the news on…

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