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This is getting ridiculous

Ticket for The Cure bought! :D It wasn't cheap, but neither was it outrageously expensive. And while we're talking about concerts, The Dead Lovers, Wayne Jackson and Lula's band, are coming to Italy in December! They're not playing in Milan, but their last concert is not too far away and on a…


2019 is gonna be the year I die. First the announcement that Die Ärzte are playing in Milan (tickets go on sale tomorrow, wish me luck), then I find out The Cure are playing in Florence! Someone wants me dead. But at least I'll die happy.

Watching WAY too much Youtubery, lately; so much so that the crazies have just about started making sense. It's this weird, scary Webworld we've found ourselves in. TOO much connection; TOO much info-tsunami-24/7. Never thought I'd find myself, 'concerned' about my pineal gland. So, so glad I…

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