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terry pratchett

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Today we raise a banana daiquiri/Courvoi sier/mug of 'glug' to our friend & founder, creator of worlds and man of many hats! Thank you always for the books, memories and magic! This year there will be plenty of cause for more celebration of our favourite author, as we…

Плоская земля существует.

Эта фраза обскурного бульбапахана Рыга напомнила мне добрейшего сэра Тэрри Пратчетта, его характеристику “гномьей хлебной лепешки” - символа власти карликов: « это еще не оружие, и не может насытить, но в движении человека может удержать довольно долго » (© Terry…

We've really been enjoying the Good Omens TV mini-series!

It has been one of my Desert Island books basically since I first read it, and I have a first edition signed by Sir PTerry! Now if I could get Neil to sign it.... We've been taking it easy watching it, watched the first two Sunday night, Russet had to work Monday, and watched #3 last night. I love…

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