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Australian Open 2019 - Men's Final

Well that wasn't the match I was expecting, nor the result I was hoping for :-( To be brutally honest, the match was something of a damp squib :-( I was expecting a good match, an excellent match, one of their epics, a close match, an enjoyable match. This was nothing like that. Novak was…

Australian Open Ladies' Final

It was a good match, one that swung back and forth more than once. It had a few low spots where the play wasn't that inspiring from either lady, but overall it was an excellent match - one that kept you guessing as to who would win pretty much from the first ball to the last. Petra had her chances…

Australian Open Semi Finals Part 1 & Generator

Wow, what a day! Three of my favourite played today: Rafa, Petra & Naomi and all three won. I didn't see either lady as they were on whilst I was sleeping. But going by the scores and from comments I read Petra certainly won nice & easily (straight) and Naomi was the stronger player overall…

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