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Art rec - Doctor and Donna comic

Doctor and Donna comic - Do you know what time it is, spaceman? by moony-meavys This entry was crossposted from https://shyfoxling.dreamwidth.org/649480.html, where there are comments. Please visit that link to leave a comment. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can use your…

Title by nostalgia Fandom: Doctor Who Pairing/Characters: Ten/Rose (not really that shippy though) Rating: General Words: 846 Author's summary: None of them had ever asked him if he could change back. Author's warnings: No warnings apply Additional tags: oldfic, Missing Scene,…

fic recs: LotR, Doctor Who

Elostirion by hennthgalad Fandom: The Lord of the Rings Pairing/Characters: Merry, Pippin, Gildor Inglorion Rating: General Words: 4364 Author's summary: Gildor Inglorion invites Merry and Pippin to ride to Elostirion with him, in the second year of the fourth age. Quote: He remembered…

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