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Smutswap Reccs

Smutswap was really fun this year. There were a lot of good fics! Below are my favorites. All of them are NSFW/Explicit so they are below the cut. My gift: ★ The Tremble of Your Body on the Day You Let Me In, Merlin, Merlin/Arthur Summary: Merlin's puzzled when Arthur moves their sparring…

Fic: Underground Railroad | Twilight/Teen Wolf, Bella/Isaac, M

Title: Underground Railroad Author: Buggy Summary: What happens when you find out you’ve been lied to your entire life about your entire existence? You run away from your fiancé with the food truck guy! Bella meets new werewolves, vampires, and hybrids on this new adventure of her life. Oh…

Fandom Snowflake Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.…

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