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Drawing as a learning strategy

WHAT IS DRAWING? Drawing as a generative learning strategy means that learners convert verbal information (such as what they read in a textbook or hear in a lecture/lesson) into a visual information (some kind of drawing). For example, if you read about how a battery works, you might then draw a…

different people read differently: too many tangential thoughts

From Scary Times Call for Scary Reads by Jennifer McMahon: [My new book is] a little creepy. My friend apologized and said that she just couldn’t read unsettling books because of how unsettling the world is right now. I would argue (and did!) that that is exactly when we need these books the…

Mr. C's Funeral

It's been years since I was last at the Buffalo Grove school where I was Mr. C's assistant. This was his home school--he lived just blocks away for many years and his children were students there. It's a landmark in the area, as I discovered on Friday; the church steeple can be seen from a mile…

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