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We have some. It’s not widespread, yet, but there’s still a flash flood warning. Nashville set a one-day March record for rain...over 5 inches. I fear my favorite tea shop, British Bee, is flooded. It’s in a flood plain, and the area flooded badly during the great flood of 2010. I would like to go…

Love (and Birthday) in the Time of COVID19

Birthday weekend is going to be very different this year, but I'm coming to a place of burgeoning peace finally about how that doesn't mean my birthday is canceled. Not my birthday party, itself, nor the full 24 hour day I took off from work yearly, where I spent spoiling myself with a day-long…

Quarantine Meme

1. Are you an essential worker? No, but I am working from home. I have about 50-60 hours worth of work a week still, which seems so insane given I barely feel like a teacher anymore. I'm in a strange facilitation role, where I wonder if I'm meeting the needs of my AP students, no less the Dual…

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