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hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... In an effort to be more witchy on a daily basis (besides my cemetery walks, I'm REALLY good at that), I did a Saturn Rx tarot spread. Saturn is retrograde from now until September which is THE ENTIRE SUMMER so it's not really looking like it's…

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hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... Now that I've put my emotions aside for the day and Let Them Go, I can talk about the weird things that might be revelant. As I do. I actually remembered my dreams from last night which is the first in a while. I was dreaming about dreaming - lying in…

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... I've been feeling a little bit discouraged as of late due to getting mysteriously sick (again) plus things not progressing at a rate that any firebull could handle plus just everybody in my life seeming decided to go off their rocker all at once, so…

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