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A Lot of Progress

Team 1 is a go for the True Final Boss! 85 for Ophilia, Cyrus, and Tressa. 81 for Therion. I'm gonna start with Team 2 soon... Team 1 will take on the Boss Rush because I need power and speed over anything. Then we split up to deal with Galdera's parts. I believe the boys'll be in the first group…

The Blast

I'm almost done with this particular rewrite section. As in...Ultimate ToD! Right now, we're combining the Original and Remake scenarios with additional stuff from the fic (e.g. information I put in that just never made it into the story but did happen or could have happened). After the backup…


Returning to my roots, I edited the translation documents based upon my specifications. I...had less to do than I thought. Mainly removing contractions from characters who are supposed to be a bit more formal (sometimes rewording if it sounded awkward, although I wouldn't call it perfect by any…

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