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“How do you do that?” She asks. “Do what?” I say “you don’t splash when you kick, but you still go fast.” She says “oh I don’t know, it’s just how I swim, you can watch me if you want to.” So a half hour goes by and I realize I learned to swim with the plastic fins you slip on your feet and I think…

The spider

A quarter sized spider appeared on the floor of the rec center bathroom. My first thought was it is possibly poisonous, smash it. But I was in a public place with people who might be brave enough to catch him. So I told the lifeguard, he radioed another person. Soon another lifeguard appeared from…

An update

This week is pretty similar to last week I went swimming, attended group, went to class, and volunteered. The difference was art night and a visit from mom's friend who is my age. As you have probably read I also am working on accepting I have computer addiction, but I have been just as active.…

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