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Just a Quick Little Art

It's long past time that I did some new art for the front page of my SWAT Kat site. So, here's the line work of my current project. It's a simple thing, but it's always good to get more tablet practice. ...Yes, I know I've been practicing for years. While I've definitely improved, drawing lines…

Drabble Post - Non-Answer (SK)

This is less a drabble and more a slice of silliness. Naturally, mintysage is half responsible. I'm not quite sure when or how we started headcanoning Razor as being a bit of a troll, but we did. It's fun. Non-Answer The darkness of MegaKat City’s underground service tunnels fell…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! So, I was early with my Christmas image last year. Naturally, that means I'm insanely late this year. But, it's finally finished, so here it is. And, as it's also become a Christmas tradition of mine, I'll share an image of my annual peppermint stash. Many thanks to my aunt and…

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