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Last Minute Sushi (Crab Stick and Avocado)

Shades of Deadpool I want sushi. What kind? No sushi grade fish/seafood? No smoked salmon? No asparagus? Don't want to make tamago? The bacon's frozen solid? Well, what DO you have? A couple of avocados in the fridge and three fake crab sticks in the freezer. Sigh!! Ok .... I CAN…

Challenge 232 - Sushi voting

- Do NOT vote for yourself under any circumstances. - Vote for THREE favorite icons + ONE icon for 'Best Basic' + ONE icon for 'Best Cropping' + ONE icon for 'Best Colouring' + TWO sets for 'Best Set'. - VOTES ARE WEIGHTED so vote in order of preference. - Please vote for different icons in the…

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