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The Australian Outback rewatch

I started a Survivor rewatch last month with Borneo and I finished Survivor's second season today! It took me a while longer because I was traveling in the midst of it, but I'll try and still watch a couple more seasons this month. So, here are some of my notes and thoughts about The…

Survivor Borneo rewatch

I have planned this for some years already, but this week I started another Survivor rewatch! When I started this journal, I did rewatches regularly and I have probably seen Borneo about six times now, even though the first time wasn't until 2008 for me. But now I hadn't watched it since…

Survivor 42 recap

(Spoilers of season 42.) The season wrapped up a little over three weeks ago and I think it's time to write down some of my thoughts about the season. Overall it was a very enjoyable viewing experience for me, and I love the winner that we got and that she actually had a well-balanced edit and…

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