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3 things survey

3 things you’ve done today: 1. Read before work 2. Shelved books 3. Gave Abby Greenies lol 3 things you’ve purchased recently: 1. Dinner 2. Books 3. A smoothie 3 things you’ve eaten today: 1. Cinnamon sugar pita chips 2. Mac and cheese 3. Applesauce 3 movies you enjoy: 1. LOTR: Return of the…

A-Z survey

Age: 30..that's *still* weird for me to say haha! Bed size: Full I think Cat names: Abby Dog name: No dog Eye color: Blue Favourite color: Blue Ghosts exist: Yeah, I saw one in Texas, and mom has had many experiences, like a ghost sleeping with her O_o Height: 5'1 Instrument you play(ed): Recorder…

Friday five

1. What flower makes you the happiest when you see it? Fireweed, chokecherry blossoms, etc 2. What song always makes you feel better? "We Didn't Start the Fire," etc 3. Do you enjoy making people laugh or are you more afraid of them laughing at you? I love making people laugh lol 4. Have you ever…

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