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Ambient 5: Music For Spaceports

Gorgar zanthos el dronkorith flisk. Entari zanbok trin dellum, tronova gammal trok. "And in the dream, the aliens -- the Entari -- had taken my friend Brian Eno to their hidden lair on Nonth, the Ninth Planet, where they merged his DNA with mine to create a hybrid music-beast called Draxulphon.…

Arty Solstice to You!

As you may know, I'm an art nut. I don't just collect a wide variety of art, I also create it. When I'm not helping out on a podcast or another episode of Shock Waves and Shrunken Heads, I'm doodling. Ken Gage doodle from the 1990s One of my newer arty diversions is making pixel art. With…

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