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This was such a moving moment, with Dean sharing his worst memory with Sam, and Sam realising what Dean did for him when he was just a little kid. From 1.09 'Home'. source

Fantasy Icons

So, I joined in novindalf Fantasy Icon Battle, which was SO much fun, and WOW, look how many amazing icons were made!! Here's my contribution. I wanted one icon from each of my fave fantasy shows. Hover for fandom, as always. Teasers: favourite costume | fake background…

"The demon said he had plans for people like us."

REWATCH: Supernatural Season 2 Season 2 is an improvement on Season 1, as they've really locked down what works while adding more continuity and recurring characters. However, there's still the problem that most of that continuity is taken off the board by the end of the season. All of…

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