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Rose Coloured Glasses (PG-13, Heechul/Siwon, 1/1)

Title: Rose Coloured Glasses Author: Fidomom Rating: PG-13 Pairing/Characters: Heechul POV, Sichul Length: vignette, song fic Warnings: double entendres intended, a few Easter eggs Summary: Heechul ponders his history and patterns with Siwon. Author's Note: I am inspired by the…

Runs around screaming Mr Simple!

Zoooooomgggggg! SUJU proves they are some kinky buggers (paraphrased from my pal Tiff aka stjoan4eva when we "discussed" Mr Simple teasers etc via email. Omg omg omg. The one teaser where Kyu and Heechul stare at each other ...*flails and flails until she falls down in a flailing…

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